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Halo Wars 2
Design Lead
  • Design lead that headed up new modes, UX and matchmaking experiences, and PC version in collaboration with Creative Assembly
  • Directed design of all new action strategy card based Blitz Mode and Firefight
  • Led design of multiplayer matchmaking, UX, and lobby experiences
  • Defined Design KPIs and analytics targets for balancing multiplayer experience and metagame
  • Led design of UX, controls, HUDs, and menus for PC SKU
Halo Wars: Definitive Edition
Design Lead
  • Directed design of PC conversion and new features, flows, and UX
  • Designed server browser multiplayer experience in collaboration with Xbox platform team
  • Designed PC control scheme in collaboration with Xbox User Research via iterative testing
Halo 5 Guardians
Sandbox Design
  • Created Warzone weapon variants in collaboration with Halo 5 sandbox team
Halo: The Master Chief Collection
Design Lead
  • Directed design vision of creating a unified experience across 6 distinct game engines and drove realization of this vision across development teams
  • Architected design of user flows, multiplayer lobbies, new campaign HUDs, and multi-game UX experience to create robust additions to campaign and multiplayer experiences
  • Designed 600 achievements, multiplayer progression, playlists, and campaign scoring systems
  • Led design of all new Halo 2 Anniversary game modes, maps, Forge map editor, and matchmaking system in collaboration with Certain Affinity
Halo 4
Design Lead, DLC
  • Led design of Champions Bundle DLC, including map and ability design