Halo Wars 2 / Halo Wars 2: Awakening the Nightmare

  • Directed design of new game modes, UX design, matchmaking experiences, and PC experiences in collaboration with Creative Assembly
  • Directed design of all new action strategy card based Blitz Mode, Blitz Firefight, and Terminus Firefight game modes
  • Co-directed well received Awakening the Nightmare campaign
  • Designed multiplayer tournament mode and UX in partnership with Creative Assembly and Xbox platform team
  • Defined Design KPIs and analytics targets for balancing multiplayer experience, metagame, and sustain updates
  • Managed multiplayer balance month over month by defining and tracking design KPIs and analytics
  • Designed one of the first iterations of the Xbox tournament system with Xbox platform team
  • Speaker for Game Developer's Conference 2017 and Xbox Xfest 2017 (UX postmortem)

Halo Wars: Definitive Edition

  • Directed design of PC remaster of the award winning Halo Wars strategy game
  • Designed server browser multiplayer experience in collaboration with Xbox platform team
  • Designed PC control scheme and UX flows in collaboration with Xbox User Research via iterative usability testing

Halo 5 Guardians

Sandbox Design

  • Created multiplayer sandbox weapon variants for all new Warzone multiplayer mode

Halo: The Master Chief Collection

    • Directed design vision for the multi-million seller and one of the top played Xbox One titles of all time with consistent year over year retention and engagement of users
    • Directed design vision of unified Halo game experience, cross-game multiplayer, and campaign metagame across several international cross-functional, cross-disciplinary development teams
    • Pitched and sold design vision for unified cross-game interface to Xbox Executive team
    • Directed design of unified user interface elements from concept to wireframes to ship
    • Championed and raised the bar on design quality across Halo 2 Anniversary multiplayer maps and game mechanics in close collaboration with design leads of Certain Affinity and the Halo Pro Team
    • Designed 600 achievements, multiplayer progression, playlists, and campaign scoring systems
    • Presented game to members of press and gaming enthusiasts at multiple international events

Halo 4

    • Led design of Champions Bundle multiplayer map and game modes in collaboration with Certain Affinity