Personal Projects and Awards

Personal Projects


Game Tale is a dramatic game about managing people in the rough waters of the game industry. Manage the desires and ambitions of a diverse array of employees as you attempt to build the company of your dreams. Hire. Fire. Ship. Interview and influence press. Review employees. A random start creates lots of cast and story variations. A different game every time. Tell your tale.

Matrix Attack


Independent Games Festival Student Showcase Finalist 2000

  • Sophomore year DigiPen student project. Completed in one semester in a team of 6 students.
  • Matrix Attack is a puzzle game where players must match 5 or more gems of the same color to clear one side.
  • Each gem is 2 sided. The left board represents the front side and the right board represents the back side.
  • A single gems can be either moved around the board once the player chooses to "grab" one or they can be flipped so the front side becomes the back and vice versa.
  • When a series of gems is cleared, new colors are assigned to those gems and the back side becomes the front.
  • Skill and planning allow players to move gems across the board to link multiple combos together, and combos can be formed every time a series of gems flips over.
  • Includes 3 game modes
    • Time trial - Players have a limited amount of time to get the highest score possible.
    • Puzzle - Players have a finite number of moves to clear all the gems in the puzzle.
    • Multiplayer - Matrix Attack features 4 player online multiplayer, complete with a chat lobby that players can connect to (This may not be in the DigiPen download, as it runs a separate app).
  • I was the primary point of contact and the one who submitted Matrix Attack to the IGF.
  • I programmed the input code, co-wrote the multiplayer lobby, wrote the online multiplayer, and coded all the music and sound playback routines.

Download available from the DigiPen Website